MVP Video Production

MVP Video Production offer a wide range of pricing packages, and many supplementary services to maximize the use and exposure of your final product. Whether a commercial, video news release, B-roll package, industrial or corporate profile video, we will help you shape the vision for your advertising and production goals with concepts and solutions that will accommodate your budget. The MVP Video Production team initiates creative concepts to produce powerful customized results for agencies and corporate clients of all sizes.

The MVP Video Production motion graphic designers work hand in hand with our production and interface teams to design video fx specifically for your product/brand. Whether you are looking for full-blown custom animation, 3d space development, or a simple graphics package to support your video, we handle it all in-house.

MVP Video Production Services

MVP Video Production is unique in that we think through the end delivery of your video and gear the animation so that it seamlessly falls into your site design, dvd packaging or whatever delivery method you choose. Everything we do is purposeful and well thought out vs. just doing it because.

At MVP Video Production, we specialize in seeing all phases of a video project through to completion including music videos. Our video production team works with a tight-knit crew with years of experience working together. MVP Video Production simply takes pride in delivering the best looking videos that complement the story.

And perhaps most importantly, MVP Video Production stays on top of the latest techniques and emerging technologies enabling us to streamline production and keep your project within… dare we say under… budget.

  • MVP Video Production provides the following production services:
  • Film crews (Director, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Lighting Director,
  • Sound Recordist, Gaffer, Grip, Production Assistant.. you get the idea)
  • High-definition cameras and accessories
  • Audio gear, light kits and grip equipment
  • Voiceover recording
  • Make-up and wardrobe
  • Production design
  • Drone Videos

Post Production

Here’s where it all comes together. MVP Video Production logs, capture, edit, color correct, audio sweeten, and add motion graphics to your project to ensure your video reaches your audience effectively. MVP Video Production affectionately refers to it as digital alchemy.

At MVP Video Production, we handle all aspects of post production, including:

  • Editing (Final Cut Pro)
  • Audio sweetening
  • Motion Graphics (After Effects)
  • Compositing
  • 3D Animation (3D Studio MAX)
  • DVD Authoring and Encoding
  • Custom music composition

And once your project is complete, MVP Video Production puts your content in front of your audience. We often handle the following requirements for our clients:

  • DVD package design and duplication/replication
  • Web encoding (Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media)
  • Web development
  • Media management
  • Video hosting & analytics


And for video & film production services in the New Orleans region, contact Worklight Picutres.